Tax Consulting
Lawyers and Law Firms

You are an individual legal practitioner, work in a group legal practice, law firm, or supra-regional legal practice. As part of your job, you need an overview of a variety of money transfers and have to ensure these are recorded separately, from borrowed third-party funds to own or third-party professional fees as well as transit items. Moreover, you always need to make sure the sales tax is taken into account.

In addition to providing our standard classic tax services, we also offer the following customised services for your area:

  • Support services for legal practices from individual lawyers to supra-regional law firms
  • Consulting and support services with a spectrum of structural models for expanding or transforming your legal practice, or taking on a new partner
  • Business consulting and analysis
  • Set day for monitoring quarterly results
  • Support for shareholders' meetings
  • Consulting and support services for establishing interfaces between legal software and our tax consultancy, also as a means of avoiding duplications. Provision of day-to-day open item accounting (monitoring of the firm's accounts receivable)
  • Support services for a systems change-over
  • Liquidity planning and analysis; including your private sector as well, if desired
  • On-site documentation check of business transactions liable to and exempt from sales tax

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