Tax Consulting
Media and the Arts

With keen competition on the media, entertainment and art markets, companies have to adapt to meet constantly changing conditions. With tax requirements and provisions also regularly revised and amended, you need a strong partner you can rely on.

In addition to providing our standard classic tax services, we also offer the following customised services for your area:

  • Consulting on the design of contracts for standard and reduced rates of sales tax and sales tax exemption
  • Auditing and consulting on services from contractual partners outside Germany allowing for tax relief under Section 50a Income Tax Act (EStG) (withholding tax)
  • Consulting and support services for withholding tax for royalty payments made between associated companies of different EU Member States
  • Consulting and support services for relief on withholding tax by exemption or tax relief as well as recording procedures (KMV)
  • Consulting and support services on business expansion, transformation, and the incorporation of new shareholders
  • Liquidity planning and analysis
  • Set day for monitoring quarterly results
  • Business consulting and analysis of your business activities

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