Tax Consulting
Services for the Medical Profession

With increased competitive pressure from ongoing long-term health market changes, medical practitioners across all sectors find themselves constantly having to adapt to new conditions. Managing the business and financial management factors associated with these changes requires effective support from a strong partner with a spectrum of services.

In addition to providing our standard classic tax services, we also offer the following customised services for your area:

  • Business consulting and analysis services for your medical work
  • Comparisons of sectors and specialisations
  • Set day for monitoring quarterly results
  • Support for partners' and shareholders' meetings
  • Liquidity analysis and planning, including your private sector, as required
  • Support services for the sale of your medical practice or transfer to your successor
  • Consulting and support services with a spectrum of structural models for expanding or transforming your medical practice, or taking on a new partner
  • Consulting and support services for shared laboratory and equipment facilities, own and third-party laboratories
  • Consulting on avoiding the threat of classification as a commercial business

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